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An assortment ooriginal art by Jean and Cherie, including landscapes pretty  florals and colourful animal paintings, plus remastered vintage art. 
Vintage Hydrrangea painting in [ink, wjite and lilac
Vintage lilac flower painting
Red poppy patterned goose silhouette on a pink background
Yellow poppy patterned goose silhouette
Landscape painting in bright colours
Painting of hills in varying shades of blue
Cute chick painted in varying shades of orange
Remastered vintage floral painting in bright yellow, orange and red
Young White Rabbit
Pig painted with large orange flowers
Purple patterned floral pig
Vibrant poppy on a cream background
Goose outline filled with a green ivy design
Poppy painting on a cream background
Young red squirrel eating an acorn
Yellow vintage flowers on a mottled background
Red squirrel  eating an acorn
Landscape with green sandy hills and heather
Textured apple blossom
A woolly sheep
Rabbit painting in golden colours
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